Saturday, January 30, 2010

Super 8 snipitz. Industrial typography.

Footage shot in Switzerland around 1995-96, exploring mostly street and train typography and signage.
Sound track was composed recently using samples from and sounds donated by friends.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Images of the diabetes benefit concert at the Knitting Factory.

Organized by the THE HEAVYSOUND with a lineup to be remembered in hip-hop history. Covering monumental appearances from KRS ONE, Busy Bee, Black Sheep and Jaru to Talib Kweli, Q Tip and Mos Def.

I want to express my special thanx to my man Moon Mehta who made it possible to rig strobes on the ceiling of the venue and rule over the biggest flash light in the house! Yey.

For more pix check out:

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

My man Eli from 503 lab.

CG WILD STILE base on SEEN line art.

Dusting off and rendering some older wild style 3D models. Originally created as design for exhibit invite of a art show featuring SEEN, QUIK and CES in 2003.

CG Illustrations for diva funk MITSUE

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Art work from 1994 and 1995 in Switzerland.

Altar style, video installation at studio exhibition in Schaffhausen Switzerland 1995.

Five part spray painting on canvas, Schaffhausen Switzerland 1995.

Clear resin sculpture on wooden dollar sign, Schaffhausen Switzerland 1994.

All photographs taken by Bernhard Häberli.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Copy cat.

Anne Egli is a freelance copy editor, working mostly at fashion magazines. It is actually rather unusual for somebody whose first language is not English to be busting other people's chops for their bad grammar. I was lucky enough to get her in front of the camera that very day she just had gotten her new Norma Kamali coat that she was very proud of. But most of all I have been lucky to have shared most of my life with her on my side.



Digital Graff, is like a soy latte decaf!
If it won't kill you, why even bother.


A digital bastard of forgotten kind.

Industrial hip-hop and cyberpunk had an orgy and did it wild. The result was a bastard child.
A data ghost, an empty shell, broadband wired like a fast gazelle.
Its history so young it fits on a floppy disk. The ego so big on teraflops it barely fits.

A digital bastard of forgotten kind. Reversed, rewind and logged the mind.
Reminisced on what was left. All results of grand computer theft.


Super 8 archive.

This short stop motion piece was originally created as part of the video installation in the Sensor club in Zürich, Switzerland and ran in the first opening month. The model and props where build and animated in spring 1996. It was shot on super 8 and transfered to HI-8 video. The audio track was done recently mostly using sounds from:

Super 8 stop motion, 1996 from G-THREE on Vimeo.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Tailored by Photoshop.

Having the tendency to manipulate my photography so extensively, I had to face the question of how to credit fashion that was digitally re-tailored. Where the original design was altered so drastically that there is not much to little evidence of the original design.


Super 8 archive.

This was shot in my old studio loft in Zürich Switzerland in 1995, on super 8 using stop motion and a photo flash light. Its all edited in camera and sound was put on it after transferring to video.



What better way to showcase my bad grammar and poor writing skills than start a blog. I should have done this years ago, as I always wished for some small chunk of cyberspace real estate to dump my Gathered Matters and other cultural artifacts that I have caused in the blink of my existence.