Wednesday, March 16, 2011


To everybody who attended, thanx for coming out and celebrating my B-day with me. Enjoy the pix.


Love VS. Desire

Huggers VS. Chokers

Married VS. Casual dating

Jumpers VS. Throwers

Brothers VS. Sisters

New Jersey** VS. Brooklyn

Dental smile VS. Tight-lipped smile

Irish VS. British

Hipster VS. Hipster

Schizophrenics VS. Social networking

Gang bangers VS. Strange hangers

Urine collectors VS. Sperm donors

Black youth VS. White youth

Sausage party VS. Vagina monologue

Girls after guys VS. Guys after girls

Potential church reunion VS. Potential three some

Alcoholics VS. Sexoholics

Destiny's Child VS. Stevie Wonder

Steroids VS. Prozac

Hats VS. Bandanas

Perforated sweatshirt VS. Knitted hoodie

Boots VS. Camel toe capable pants

Audiophiles* VS. Music lovers

Religion VS. Philosophy

Web producer VS. Film director

Copy editor VS. Designer

Old school VS. School drop out.

Domestic disturbance VS. Public mayhem

** Ok he really is from Long Island, but Long Island vs. Brooklyn just didn't sound like much of a battle.

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